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Learn All About Frozen Shoulder with Dr. Brian Gruber

Learn all about frozen shoulder with board certified orthopedic surgeon Brian Gruber, MD, MBA. In this video, Dr. Gruber discusses the causes of frozen shoulder, steroid injection therapy treatment for frozen shoulder, physical therapy for frozen shoulder and surgical interventions (360 capsular release surgery) to treat difficult or recurring cases of frozen shoulder.

Check out these women heart health stats and the top 4 heart disease prevention tips.

Celebrating Women Heart Month with Heart Disease Prevention Tips

February is the month to focus on heart health and is Women Heart Month as well. We’ve put together some statistics on the state of women’s heart health in the U.S. along with the top 4 heart disease prevention tips, according to the National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease. Be sure to give your…

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10 Fun Facts About Bones

Here are some fun facts about the human skeleton for you. For example, did you know that you only have one bone that is not connected to another bone?


Yissel McCardie: A Boston and NYC Marathoner’s Story of Running and Recovery

Yissel McCardie is passionate about running and has logged her share of 5Ks and marathons, including running in the prestigious Boston and New York City events. She is an El Cajon, California native, who moved to Arizona in May 1993 shortly after getting married. As a stay-at-home mom of two daughters and a part-time bookkeeper,…

Want to maintain your knee health? Keep moving to maintain your knee cartilage health.

Maintain Knee Health Through Movement

Maintaining knee health is all about keeping moving, according to this study.

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Fun Facts About Orthopedic Medicine

national blood donor month

January is National Blood Donor Month

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Meniscal Repair Rehabilitation with Holly Augustine, PT, DPT

Holly Augustine, PT, DPT, and director of Integrated Orthopedics physical therapy clinic, shares what a typical rehabilitation looks like after meniscal repair surgery in this month’s infographic.

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Are You a New Year’s Resolution Person? If Not, Get SMART!

It seems like people either love New Year’s resolutions or hate them. Which camp do you fall into? Statistics show that only 10% of people stick with their New Year’s resolutions. The way that we set goals and resolutions has a lot to do with how well we succeed with our goals. People who set…

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Exercise Inspiration for Endurance Athletes and Weekend Warriors

Some motivation for your weekend exercise plans, especially for all you endurance athletes out there. Happy Friday from Integrated Orthopedics!

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Happy New Year!


Happy Holidays from Integrated Orthopedics

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