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Surgery Center

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About Integrated Surgical Services

Our goal in creating Integrated Surgical Services was to rethink and redesign the orthopedic surgery experience. Here you’ll experience the highest level of innovation and state-of-the-art orthopedic surgical technology. Our orthopedic, podiatric and pain surgeons are among the most skilled and sought-after doctors in Arizona. From the time you enter our facility, you’ll experience our unique integrated approach, with you – the patient – at the center.

Since our surgery facility only conducts orthopedic, podiatric and pain procedures, we are also able to offer a highly safe environment, where there is a daily low patient volume and risk exposure as compared to the hospital setting.

We are an outpatient surgery center. A growing body of research supports both the surgical and financial benefits to orthopedic outpatient surgery. Should you require an overnight stay, we do offer the Recovery Care Center, which is attached to the surgery facility. The RCC is a three-room facility, where you’ll receive 24-hour nursing care (most times with a 1:1 nurse to patient ratio, or at most 1:3).

State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment

In creating Integrated Surgical Services, we partnered with Stryker – the leader in orthopedic medical technology and equipment. For joint replacement surgery, we offer the cutting-edge Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted technology. This technology enables a more predictable surgical experience when performing joint replacement surgery and clinically documented improved patient outcomes.

Surgeries We Perform

We offer surgeries and procedures across all areas of orthopedics, including total joint replacement; podiatry (foot and ankle surgery) and pain procedures. For a complete list of surgeries performed at Integrated Surgical Services, please visit the website.

Your Patient Journey with Us

The patient experience was at the heart of the design of Integrated Surgical Services. As our name says, “integrated” care is our highest priority – from the time we meet you at our orthopedic clinic to surgery in the surgical center to post-op recovery, your entire care will be highly coordinated across all members of the Integrated Team. We know having surgery can be a stressful experience. Our hope for your experience with Integrated Surgical Services is that your care will be integrated, personalized and comfortable at each step of your journey with us.

Orthopedic Workers Comp

We have a long history of working with Workers Comp. The addition of our surgery center further extends the value we bring to our workers comp patients by keeping the care coordinated from diagnosis to surgery. Contact us to learn more about partnering with us for your workers comp cases.

Learn More

We invite you to visit the Integrated Surgical Services website to learn more about the full list of orthopedic, podiatric and pain procedures we offer as well as what you can expect as a patient with us.

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