Regenerative Medicine & the Future of Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

By Brian Gruber, MD, MBA, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

We are doing more and more in the area of regenerative medicine at Integrated Orthopedics and are very excited about the results we’re seeing with our patients.

Since regenerative medicine – sometimes also called biologics – is a relatively new form of medicine, we feel strongly that patients should have all the facts before considering this form of treatment. Currently biologics is not FDA-regulated, making it a bit of the wild west out there.

Patients and healthcare providers who refer patients to biologics should not shy away from it, but rather just be armed with the facts as to where the science and research support the use of this emerging form of medicine.

In an effort to help educate our patients about biologics, Dr. Gruber recently produced a white paper on the topic. In it he breaks down the different types of regenerative medicine, their value in orthopedics, where the evidence supports their use and the important information patients should know when considering this treatment and how to determine if a provider is administering it correctly and in alignment with best practices.

Download the White Paper – Regenerative Medicine & the Future of Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.