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Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery

Total & Partial Knee Replacement

mako knee replacement

Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery is a cutting-edge technology in joint replacement. It enables patients to have a more predictable and successful surgical experience with joint replacement surgery. Only a handful of surgeons in Arizona offer the Mako System for total and partial knee replacement surgery. Integrated Orthopedics is proud to offer this advanced technology to our patients.

Studies show that robotic-arm assisted partial and total knee replacements are two to three times more accurate than manual knee replacement procedures.

Examples of Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery Knee Replacements

lateral knee replacement


medial knee replacement


Patellofemoral knee replacement


Bicompartmental knee replacement


Benefits of the Mako System

pain free knees

The technology allows surgeons to create a pre-operative patient-specific 3D plan and perform joint replacement surgery using a surgeon controlled robotic-arm that helps the surgeon execute the procedure with a high degree of accuracy.

Following the personalized pre-operative plan, the surgeon guides the robotic-arm during bone preparation to execute the pre-determined surgical plan and position the implant.

Better recovery and outcomes for patients.

By selectively targeting only the part of the knee damaged by osteoarthritis, surgeons can resurface the diseased portion of the knee while helping to spare the healthy bone and ligaments surrounding the knee joint.

knee pain
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Mako is a Tool, Not a Surgeon

While Mako offers a major advancement and precision in joint replacement surgery, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t replace your orthopedic surgeon. Your surgeon still performs the knee replacement procedure and is guided by the robotic-arm assisted technology for optimal results. Using Mako requires specialized training and expertise. Brian Gruber, MD, MBA, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon is specifically trained in using the Mako system for total and partial knee replacements. Patients can rest assured of the highest levels of competency and skill when they see Dr. Gruber to discuss their options for knee replacement.

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