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When I found out about my knee problem, Dr. Gruber took really good care of me. He explained everything to me and answered all my questions. I felt like I knew everything I needed to know before my surgery. Dr. Gruber did an excellent job on my surgery and kept checking on my progress during recovery. Now I can keep dancing without any pain!

Tzu-Chia Huang
Ballet Arizona

Dr. Gruber and his staff has been Ironwood Sports Medicine’s go to group for Orthopedic care for the past seven years. Ironwood athletes know that they are going to be diagnosed and treated with the most up to the minute information, technology, equipment and techniques. Dr. Gruber and his staff are highly knowledgeable and caring individuals who deliver the best possible orthopedic care our athletes can get.

Michael Suman, AT 
Ironwood High School
Sports Medicine Instructor and Athletic Trainer

I’ve played competitive hockey until age 45 when I switched to friendly pickup hockey. At age 50 my knees started to swell after games so I consulted Doctor Gruber. Analysis of the MRI showed the cartilage on my femur and patella had deteriorated. This condition can result in a total knee replacement but Doctor Gruber recommended an alternative, Arthrosurface that would allow me to remain active. After physical therapy with a sports specialist I returned to play hockey again with no side effects. I am grateful for the doctor’s skill and the technology that enables me to play the sport I love.

Mike Best

I’ve played competitive soccer since age 4 and over the years I sustained a broken collarbone and two torn anterior cruciate ligaments. Doctor Gruber expertly repaired all of my injuries and recommended a physical therapist that specializes in athletes. My recovery was remarkable and I was recruited by the University of Colorado at Boulder soccer program where I now play as a freshman. My knees feel great!

Nancy Best

My name is Vincent VJ Hils, NPC Bodybuilding Champion and Mr. Arizona in 2009. Dr. Brian Gruber has performed 3 surgeries on myself and countless of my friends and fellow bodybuilders. Dr. Gruber performed my second surgery of my life and while surgery is never a pleasant experience, Dr. Gruber and his team made the experience so much better. From the service, the patience, the actual surgery, they actually listened to my feedback and applied what I experienced in my first surgery to avoid what a happened with the anesthesia, thankfully none of the side effects I had in my first surgery happened with Dr. Gruber.
Dr. Gruber actually cares about you as a person and not just as a patient. A perfect example is when I was scheduled for my 4th surgery for a torn distal bicep tendon I came in for my consult a few days prior to the scheduled surgery to repair the distal bicep tendon. Dr. Gruber expressed that I was a perfect candidate for regenerative medicine and it can actually make the tendon grow back. Dr. Gruber was correct, I didn’t need surgery and my bicep tendon grew back to about 90% with full function. The point of the story is Dr. Gruber like anyone in business, is in business to make money, he forfeited the surgery, referred me to regenerative medicine and didn’t make a cent. What he did gain was a loyal patient for life.
In closing I also should mention that the countless referrals I’ve sent to Dr. Gruber have all had nothing but raving reviews of not just him as an awesome surgeon but a great person that really does care about his patients!

Vincent VJ Hils 
Custom Cooling and Plumbing
President – Plumbing

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