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All About Heat Exhaustion

We have a lot of athletes among our patients, and we want to be sure you all stay safe while exercising outdoors as the temperatures heat up. Here are things from Integrated Orthopedics to be aware of when it comes to heat exhaustion, which can happen to even the most seasoned outdoor exerciser.


Reduce Cancer-Causing Compounds this BBQ Season

Who doesn’t love a good meal straight off of the grill? Here in Arizona, we love our outdoor living, too, and grilling and outdoor get-togethers go hand-in-hand. Integrated Orthopedics has rounded-up the best tips for enjoying your barbecuing, while keeping it safe and healthy.

ultra marathoner

Recovery from an Ultramarathon

Are you an ultramarathoner? If so, plan for at least a week for your body to make a full recovery from the event.


Tennis Elbow Rehab with Holly Augustine, Physical Therapy Clinic Director

Learn more about tennis elbow rehabilitation with Holly Augustine, PT, DPT, physical therapy clinic director at Integrated Orthopedics. In the infographic below on tennis elbow rehab, Holly shares with you ways to recover from this very common orthopedic condition.

Fitness devices in healthcare

Can Fitness Devices and Apps Transform Orthopedic Care?

Learn how one research study showed how fitness devices and apps could impact and transform orthopedic medicine in the infographic below from Integrated Orthopedics.


National Donate Life Month

Currently more than 123,000 men, women and children are awaiting organ transplants to save their lives. Thousands more are in need of tissue and cornea transplants to restore their mobility and sight. April is National Donate Life Month. Learn more today about becoming an organ donor. You can also visit the Donor Network of Arizona’s website to…


Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) with Dr. Brian Gruber

Learn all about the anterior cruciate ligament, commonly known as the ACL, with Brian Gruber, MD, MBA, board certified orthopedic surgeon. In this video, Dr. Brian Gruber discusses how the ACL is injured and approaches for treatment, including ACL graft options when surgery is required. He discusses the important role of physical therapy for ACL…


Celebrate National Nutrition Month


Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Integrated Orthopedics

National nutrition month, sports medicine, healthy breakfast

Celebrate National Nutrition Month and Power Up with Breakfast

While there may be different theories about the best diet out there – you say paleo, I say vegan – it’s indisputable that breakfast is an important meal not to be skipped. In celebration of National Nutrition Month, we’ve round-up a list of healthy breakfast ideas provided by leading nutritionists.

athletic trainers, sports medicine, national athletic trainer month, orthopedics, ATs in healthcare

National Athletic Training Month

This month is National Athletic Training Month. Athletic trainers (ATs) play an important role in sports medicine and in the healthcare system to prevent and treat musculoskeletal injuries and sports-related illnesses. We invite you to check out the infographic below to learn more about ATs and their important contributions to the healthcare system.

coffee health benefits, coffee athletic performance, sports medicine, coffee athletes

Coffee May Improve Your Athletic Performance

Good news for coffee lovers… your morning cup of joe may improve your athletic performance, says a study by the University of Georgia.

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