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Myra Chait on Her Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Myra Chait is a busy business owner, wife, mom and grandmother. She is originally from Rochester, NY and has lived in Arizona for 45 years. In her spare time, Myra enjoys gardening, reading and playing with her grandchildren.

She came to see Dr. Brian Gruber, board certified orthopedic surgeon when shoulder pain she was experiencing in both shoulders, which had gotten progressively worse over four years, began to significantly interfere with her daily activities. “It was hard to do simple things like carry a pot of coffee or reach for things, and I was losing range of motion,” said Myra.

Myra was referred to Dr. Gruber by her sister, who had also been his patient and had a great experience with him and his practice Integrated Orthopedics. After doing an initial consult with Dr. Gruber, Myra felt confident he was the right orthopedic doctor for her situation.

“Dr. Gruber is a great diagnostician,” said Myra. “He diagnosed both shoulders as ‘bone-on-bone’ where the cartilage has worn away and said I was a good candidate for a total shoulder replacement on both shoulders.”

Myra shared that Dr. Gruber did not pressure me at all, but just told her the diagnosis and provided treatment options. “He is very bright and definitely knows what he’s doing and has a lot of experience as an orthopedic surgeon,” shared Myra.

Being left-handed and with the left shoulder also in more pain than the right, Myra decided to have total shoulder replacement surgery on the left shoulder first, which Dr. Gruber performed in January 2018.

“I found the surgery to be pretty easy and simple. I only stayed one night in the hospital, was in very little pain and came home the next day,” said Myra. “I followed the doctor’s instructions and started physical therapy within a few days and recovered really well.”

Myra also completed her physical therapy at Integrated Orthopedics’ physical therapy clinic and her therapist was Jessica Tate, PT, DPT. She shared that she had a wonderful experience with Jessica. “I did everything Jessica told me to do and went to all of my therapy sessions,” Myra commented. “Jessica was impressed with how quickly and well I recovered.

Even though Myra’s surgery was less than 3 months ago, she was recently able to go on a Caribbean cruise pain-free in her left shoulder and had a wonderful time. “I had a great time and felt great,” said Myra.

Myra shared that Dr. Gruber has great people skills in addition to being a great diagnostician and surgeon. “Because he does so many surgeries, he is very skilled and experienced,” she noted.

“The team at Integrated Orthopedics is an all-around great team – from my therapist Jessica to the front desk staff who always greeted me warmly and knew my name,” said Myra. “They are all on the same page and have really coordinated the care and communication – everyone knows what everyone else is doing.”

Myra noted that the level of communication and care coordination at Integrated Orthopedics is rare and that few doctor’s offices operate that way. “I don’t know what Dr. Gruber’s formula is for the high level of communication and keeping everyone on the same page about a patient’s care is, but it works,” she said.

Myra is waiting to do her right shoulder, which will also eventually need a total shoulder replacement, but when she is ready she will definitely have Dr. Gruber perform the surgery.



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