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The Right Treatment Plan: Physical Therapy Provides a Full Recovery and Surgery is Avoided

David Jobe, physical therapy

When David Jobe sought a recommendation for an orthopedic physician from David Carfagno, DO, his primary care doctor, Dr. Carfagno immediately referred him to Brian Gruber, MD, MBA, board certified orthopedic surgeon.

David Jobe leads a very active lifestyle that includes snow-boarding, water skiing, wake boarding, motor cross racing and mountaineering. Unfortunately, a motorcycle crash resulted in several injuries, including a separated shoulder, four broken ribs and a huge hematoma on his right leg.

His injuries resulted in difficulty breathing, a complete inability to do any workout at the gym and poor sleep due to the shoulder pain.

When David had his first appointment with Dr. Gruber, he was pleased to hear Dr. Gruber’s recommendation that he felt his shoulder could be rehabilitated with physical therapy and that surgery could be avoided.

Dr. Gruber then told David he could drain the hematoma.

“I said when,” said David. “And, Dr. Gruber said right now – he did it and I had immediate relief, which I really appreciated.”

David shared that the Integrated Orthopedics physical therapy team lead by Holly Augustine, PT, DPT, is a “super rehabilitation team.” His physical therapy program included four months of therapy, where he worked with both Holly and Jessica Tate, PT, DPT. David said he focused on doing exactly what Holly and Jessica told him to do for his rehab and was very consistent with the work.

“My shoulder was fixed and back to 100 percent,” said David.

David shared that he would definitely recommended Dr. Gruber and the physical therapy team at Integrated Orthopedics, noting that the integration between Dr. Gruber and physical therapy is very beneficial.

He said the entire Integrated Orthopedics team is positive and very smart, adding that Dr. Gruber is a top-notch doc with a reputation for excellent diagnosis and then providing the ideal treatment program.

David is a recent Arizona resident from Seattle. However, he has been traveling to Arizona for 20 years every few weeks for work. He serves as the chief customer officer for Winsight Media, LLC, a media company serving the restaurant and convenience petroleum industries. He is married and has four adult children – two boys and two girls.


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