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Not Hanging with Us on Snapchat? Watch this Video to Find Out What We’re Up to…

If you’re not hanging out with us over on Snapchat, take a quick look at this video our team produced. We hope this “sneak peek” entices you to come on over and join us on Snapchat each Tuesday and Thursday for an insider’s look into the OR and orthopedic surgery! Snapchat: bfgorthodocaz — or click…

Happy Halloween from Our Team!

posterior tibial tendon disfunction

Posterior Tibial Tendon Disfunction 101

Learn all about posterior tibial tendon disfunction, one of the most common foot and ankle conditions.

ACL, ACLinjury, sports medicine, orthopedics

ACL Injuries: How They are Classified

ACL injuries are very common. Here are the basics and how also how these injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament are categorized.

sports medicine

Cool Study on Gut Health & Athletic Performance

Does the health of your digestive system affect your athletic performance. Studies show it just might!

bunion, foot surgery, foot problems, foot pain, bunions

What is a Bunion and When to Seek Treatment?

Bunions are very common and something we see often in our clinic. Don’t ignore pain that might be related to a bunion, as there are treatment options.

Golf Picture

Labral tear Repair Gets Patient Back on the Golf Course

Sloan Brooks leads an active lifestyle and is an avid hiker and golfer. Originally from Austin, Texas, he and his wife have been Arizona for one-and-a-half years. They have two grown children. Sloan works as president of Road Machinery, a Komatsu heavy equipment dealership. After suffering from a motorcycle accident in 2009, which he believes…


Marathoner or Not? It May all be in Your Genes…

Ever wonder why some people seem to take up running, notably marathons, more easily than others? Well, new research shows it may be all in your genes!


All About Achilles Tendonitis [Infographic]

Achilles tendonitis is very common. Learn what it is, the symptoms of Achilles tendonitis and how to treat it in this month’s infographic. Our new provider, Dr. David Larson, is a specialist in hand and foot conditions, including Achilles tendonitis. If you believe you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of Achilles tendonitis, give us a…


Happy Labor Day Weekend!

flat feet, fallen arches, foot doctors, foot surgeons

What Causes Flat Feet & Fallen Arches?

A common orthopedic foot injury are flat feet and fallen arches. Learn all about this condition in this month’s infographic, including the symptoms and treatment options for flat feet/fallen arches.

plantar faciitis

Plantar Fasciitis 101

Most people at some point will experience a foot condition called plantar fasciitis. Here are the basic on this condition.

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