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A Shout Out to Coaches and Trainers

As we wrap-up the fall sports season, we wanted to give a shout-out to all the amazing coaches and trainers out there who we have worked with this season. Coaches inspire our players to do their best and teach them the skills they need to achieve their goals. Trainers keep players safe and in top condition…

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Our Staff’s Holiday Favorites

Looking for something festive to do this holiday season? Check out this great list of local Valley of the Sun holiday activities and festivities We’ve also rounded up some ideas from the Integrated Orthopedics team about their favorite things to do in the Valley of the Sun during the holidays. Please share your favorite winter…

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Repairing a Torn Meniscus to Get Back on the Court

David Herman was experiencing daily leg pain that limited his mobility and interfered with his ability to play basketball, a sport he enjoys playing regularly. David works in media sales and is originally from Washington D.C. He has lived in Arizona for nine years with his wife and their daughter. After seeking a diagnosis for…


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Let’s Go Hiking Arizona!

Hiking during our sunny Arizona desert winters is a great way to stay in shape. Integrated Orthopedics has rounded up some of the best stretching and strengthening exercises to help you stay in tip top hiking shape and avoid injuries.

How a broken bone heals

How Does a Broken Bone Heal?

Ever wondered how a broken bone heals? In this infographic below from Integrated Orthopedics are the stages a bone goes through on its road to recovery.

avoid holiday stress

Don’t Let the Season of Joy Turn Into the Season of Holiday Aches, Pains and Stress

As we enter into the holiday season this month, many of us will find ourselves busier than we already are in our everyday lives. While this time of year is full of fun and festivities, it’s also important to make sure to take good care of yourself. The season of joy should not turn into…


It’s Hiking Season in the Valley!

It’s that time of year when the weather is perfect to get outdoors to recreate. With so many great hiking trails throughout the Valley, it’s easy to get out for a short day hike on the weekends or even before or after work. Here are 3 reasons to do so from Integrated Orthopedics…


Rotator Cuff Conditioning Exercises

The rotator cuff located in the shoulder can be prone to injury due to unconditioned and imbalanced muscles in the shoulder area. A healthy rotator cuff is important for daily movement and also for many functions related to sports activities. Below are some key exercises for strengthening the muscles that support the rotator cuff. If…


What are Tendon Injuries and How are They Initially Treated?

Tendon injuries, while not fun, are common and can occur in most areas of the body, including tendon injuries of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, hamstring, knee, foot and ankle. Once injured, the tendon becomes inflamed and is termed “tendonitis.” Below we offer some tips on initial treatment for a tendon injury from Integrated Orthopedics.

athritis, osteoarthritis

Sudden Shoulder Pain: Lisa’s Story and Recovery

When a busy working mom suddenly develops debilitating shoulder pain, diagnosis and pain relief is desired – quickly! This is what happened to Lisa, a social worker and mother of two who lives in Arizona with her husband. When the pain started in Lisa’s left shoulder, it hindered her daily activities. She could not lift…


This Week is Bone and Joint Health National Awareness Week

This week is Bone and Joint Health National Awareness Week. You can learn more about bone and joint health at www.usbji.org.

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