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In this month’s video, Dr. Brian Gruber, MD, MBA, discusses SLAP tears, a common shoulder condition.

All About SLAP Tears with Dr. Brian Gruber, MD, MBA of Integrated Orthopedics

In this video Dr. Brian Gruber, MD, MBA, board certified orthopedic surgeon, discusses SLAP tears. He will discuss:

• What a SLAP tear is
• The two populations at most risk for a a SLAP tear injury
• How SLAP tears are diagnosed
• The treat options for SLAP tears, including conservative care such as injection therapy
• The surgical options for SLAP tears, including SLAP tear surgery and biceps tenodesis surgeries
• The success rate for SLAP tear surgeries
• Physical therapy for SLAP tears

To learn more about Dr. Brian Gruber and the team at Integrated Orthopedics in Phoenix, Arizona, visit www.integratedorthopedicsaz.com.

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