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Scottsdale Firefighter Travis Guinta Achieves Excellent Recovery After Distal Bicep Tendon Repair Surgery

distal bicep tendon repair surgery

Patient Travis in uniform after making a full recovery.

Patient Travis Guinta was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona and is currently a firefighter for the Scottsdale Fire Department. While off duty, he enjoys participating in all recreational activities. He has a love for architecture and enjoys drafting custom homes. Travis also teaches private drum lessons where he enjoys mentoring his students.

After tearing his left bicep distally (near his elbow) while on the job as a firefighter, Travis reached out to Dr. Brian Gruber at Integrated Orthopedics, who offers workers compensation services. His injury required a distal bicep tendon repair surgery with Brian Gruber, MD, MBA, board certified orthopedic surgeon to make a full and successful recovery.

Travis’ Distal Bicep Tear Injury

In August of 2018, Travis injured himself while participating in a firefighter skills course or “breathe down” – a circuit type workout used to practice and mimic real-life situations firefighters may encounter.

“I went to lift a tire as part of my workout and heard my elbow pop,” he recalled. “I knew right away that I had torn the part of my bicep near the elbow because you could visually see something was very wrong with it.”

Shortly after the incident, Travis began calling around to different orthopedic surgeons to find one that could see him as quickly as possible.

“All of the other orthopedic surgeons were completely booked and were unable to fit me in for an appointment,” he said. “Dr. Gruber was the only doctor nice enough to fit me into his schedule the same day of the accident, even though he was already booked.”

Dr. Gruber came highly recommended to Travis by both his fellow colleague, Jeremy – who also tore his bicep and had orthopedic surgery with Dr. Gruber.

After a full examination, which included an x-ray and MRI, Dr. Gruber determined Travis would need a distal bicep tendon repair surgery to make a full recovery, which was his goal.

Travis’ Distal Bicep Tendon Repair Surgery and Recovery

Less than a week after his initial visit with Dr. Gruber, Travis had a successful distal bicep tendon repair surgery. In December, after four months of physical therapy and recovery, Travis returned to work and do what he does best – helping individuals in need.

Travis’ Experience with Dr. Brian Gruber, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Travis is very thankful for the wonderful care and surgical outcome he was provided by Dr. Gruber.

“Dr. Gruber did a great job listening to my concerns and needs,” said Travis. “Shoulder, knee and back injuries are very common among firefighters. Due to the high physical demands of our job, these are the most important injuries to avoid. Therefore, when firefighters suffer from these injuries, they must achieve a good recovery and make sure they are fully recovered before returning to work. With having treated Jeremy, it comforted me knowing that Dr. Gruber understood my needs and those of the firefighter community to achieve an optimal recovery.”

Travis recommends Dr. Gruber to anyone seeking orthopedic care, especially those that are fellow firefighters!

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