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Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery Restores Veteran’s Shoulder

Jim Lesniewski, rotator cuff repair

Jim in his office at NetVest, LLC, where he serves as a Vice President. 

Read Jim Lesniewski’s story on his rotator cuff repair surgery with Gruber, MBA, MD, board certified orthopedic surgeon.

Jim – originally from Milwaukee and living in Arizona with his wife for eight years – leads an active life. He works in the financial industry as a Vice President with NetVest, LLC, has five grown children and his first grandchild on the way; enjoys riding his Harley, golfing and volunteering at a no-kill dog shelter. And, be careful talking football with Jim, as he’s a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan – he says he doesn’t hold it against Dr. Gruber that he roots for Michigan!

Prior to a career in the financial industry, Jim served in the Air Force for 12 years, where he says his body experienced wear and tear, notably his left shoulder. For almost four years before seeking a solution, Jim lived with pain and reduced range of motion in his shoulder.

When he was ready to find an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Taxin, his primary care doctor, referred him to Dr. Gruber.

“We knew from initial tests that the rotator cuff was torn and I would need shoulder surgery,” said Jim. “But, when Dr. Gruber performed the surgery, additional tears including a tear on my biceps tendon and the tendon connecting my neck and collarbone were also torn, requiring repair.”

Although Jim’s surgery was more extensive than anticipated, he made a very strong recovery.

“Immediately after surgery, I had no pain – it was like removing a thorn out of a lion’s paw,” shared Jim. He added that he never needed any pain medication post-surgery either since he did not have any significant pain.

Jim’s treatment plan included starting physical therapy, which he did at the Integrated Orthopedics’ physical therapy clinic just down the hall from Dr. Gruber’s office, three-days after his surgery.

“I went to PT three days a week for three months and recovered so quickly that Dr. Gruber said I could stop PT at three months,” Jim said. “I can’t say enough good things about Jessica Tate, my physical therapists; Gary Lennox, the athletic trainer I worked with; and the entire PT team. They are a godsend – professional, caring, talented and they have fun while doing great work.”

Jim did note that he was extremely dedicated to his PT, doing exactly what Jessica and the team prescribed for him to do on his own at home. He feels like this really helped him recover effectively and quickly.

“My outcome with surgery on my left shoulder has far exceeded my expectations,” shared Jim. “I know other people who have gone through a similar surgery and it’s taken them a very long time to get their strength and movement back. I am very pleased with how well my surgery and recovery process went and the result I had with Dr. Gruber and his team.”

“Dr. Gruber really listens to his patients and he understands where you are coming from and that people are different,” Jim noted. “From Dr. Gruber to physical therapy to the entire team, including the front desk staff, everyone is professional, has a great attitude and makes you feel really good about getting better and yourself as you go through the surgery and recovery process.”

Jim added that being ex-military and having worked with people so much, he can’t say enough how great the Integrated Orthopedics’ team is and how well they function as a team. “It’s not something you come across often – they are among the best people I’ve ever met,” said Jim.

Jim has been cleared to do pretty much anything he wants, including riding his Harley. “I haven’t golfed yet – Dr. Gruber said wait until September – but when I golf again, I’m looking forward to golfing pain-free.”

On a final note, Jim shared that if he knew how successful the surgery would be and how good his outcome would be, he would have had it much sooner. “I encourage anyone with a similar situation as mine to get it evaluated and treated.”

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