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Retired Air Force Vet Has Successful Meniscectomy Surgery for Meniscus Tear and Says Dr. Gruber and Team Make IO Feel “Like Home”

Joe Herbert is a 79-year-old retired Air Force Veteran, father of two children and grandfather to three. He’s spent most of his life traveling with the Air Force and has lived in Arizona for five years. One November morning last year, Joe woke up with excruciating left knee pain. The pain led him to seek orthopedic care from Dr. Brian Gruber, MD, MDA, at Integrated Orthopedics. Joe underwent a partial medial and lateral meniscectomy after suffering a meniscus tear. 

Torn Meniscus Diagnosis 

Prior to seeing Dr. Gruber, Joe visited his primary care doctor. After x-rays that lead to no concrete diagnosis, Joe contacted Dr. Gruber’s office at the referral of his daughter.  

At the advice of Dr. Gruber, Joe had an MRI on his knee. The MRI revealed that Joe had torn both the medial (inside) and lateral (outside) parts of his knee. With no specific trauma to his knee, Joe was in shock as to how and when these injuries occurred. After consulting with Dr. Gruber, he decided to undergo a partial medial and lateral meniscectomy to remove the torn parts of cartilage in his knee.

Partial Medial and Lateral Meniscectomy and Recovery Journey 

In January 2018 – two months after his initial knee pain – Joe had his surgery at Trusted Care Surgery Center in North Phoenix. “The surgery was rather quick, and I was released from the surgical center the same day,” said Joe. “The care was amazing at the surgery center. 

A few days after surgery, Joe began physical therapy at Integrated Orthopedics. “My knee is 90 percent better,” said Joe, who just completed physical therapy. “I am in notably less pain than before and am very thankful for the help Dr. Gruber and his staff have given me.”

Partial Medial and Lateral Meniscectomy at Integrated Orthopedics

“I can’t express enough gratitude for Dr. Gruber and his staff,” Joe said. “Dr. Gruber is an amazing orthopedic surgeon– his courteousness, awareness and confidence make patients feel relaxed.” He added, “Dr. Gruber’s whole team consists of great people. Their sense of humor makes the office feel like home.”  

Since his surgery Joe, has referred Dr. Gruber and Integrated Orthopedics to two of his friends. He says he’d recommend Integrated Orthopedics to anyone needing orthopedic care.

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