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“Response Times and Outcomes Matter Most” Says Lynda Wilson, RN, and Nurse Case Manager for Discount Tire

Lynda Wilson, integrated orthopedics

For Lynda Wilson, RN, Nurse Administrator of the Executive Health and Wellness and Nurse Consultant for Discount Tire and America’s Tire, the response time from a doctor is key for a nurse case manager such as herself.

“Dr. Gruber’s response time is immediate, either by text, email or phone,” said Wilson.

She recalled one morning when she texted Dr. Gruber early regarding an employee who injured their shoulder the night before and was in intense pain. “Dr. Gruber told me to send them right over to his office,” said Wilson. “We avoided the dreaded and costly emergency room or urgent care visit.”

In addition to a quick response from a doctor’s office, Wilson added that she looks for a clinician who is licensed, certified in the field in which they practice, has a clean board record, is friendly yet professional in their approach and delivers great outcomes. In her mind, Dr. Gruber and his team deliver on all fronts.

“His office is very professional, clean and I feel comfortable referring high profile individuals to him” said Wilson. “He has a great office staff who are equally accommodating and friendly.”

Wilson has worked with Dr. Gruber and members of his team for five years. She shared that Dr. Gruber has performed multiple orthopedic surgeries for Discount Tire employees as well as treatment for non-surgical conditions. She noted that she has received “100 percent positive feedback from the individuals who were referred to him.”

Wilson shared a story of one individual who saw Dr. Gruber for a second opinion. He had been struggling with a traumatic shoulder injury and was not happy with the care and lack of progress from his prior physician’s approach. At the time, he was unable to return to work due to the inability to raise his arm.

Dr. Gruber did an assessment, and a short trial of conservative measures were put into place without progress. Ultimately, Dr. Gruber performed surgery, and after a short rehabilitation, the employee returned to work with 80 percent shoulder mobility. His prior shoulder mobility had been at about 40 percent with no future improvement.

“Needless to say,” said Wilson. “He was a happy patient.”

“I would highly recommend Dr. Gruber as an orthopedic specialist,” stated Wilson. “He is my first choice. Since I started using Dr. Gruber, I don’t refer out to anyone else but him and have never had one negative comment regarding his medical opinion, treatment or staff.” She added that Discount Tire has even brought employees from out-of-state to see Dr. Gruber for a trusted medical and accurate opinion.

More about Lynda Wilson, RN
Lynda Wilson is a Registered Nurse with professional background in surgical intensive care and infusion specialty. She has a passion for preventative health and resolution for complex medical cases. Wilson is originally from the Midwest and now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she has lived for 26 years. She loves the ocean, boating, water sports and animals. She is married with three grown children and one grandchild.

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