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Outdoor Enthusiast Makes Full Recovery After Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair and Plica Tissue Removal Surgeries, Just in Time for Her Wedding Day!

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Mary pictured with fiancé Dave.

Originally from San Francisco, Mary Wong moved to Arizona over ten years ago to experience all the beauty Arizona has to offer. She is a lover of all things outdoors and enjoys hiking, mountain biking and off-roading with a Jeep club she’s a member of with her fiancé Dave. She also enjoys going to the gym and working out, but due to an overuse injury, she ended up incurring multiple knee problems. Of note, she tore her meniscus (knee) and damaged the plica or thin tissue that lines the knee joint. As a result, Mary reached out to Brian Gruber, MD, MBA, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon located in Phoenix. She ultimately underwent arthroscopic or minimally-invasive meniscus repair and plica removal surgeries to fix all of her knee ailments.

Torn Meniscus and Damaged Plica Injuries & Diagnoses 

In March 2018, after working with a long-time personal trainer whom Mary believes may have pushed her too far, she began experiencing knee pain.  

“In addition to pain, I began to feel like my knees were sliding off while I was walking,” said Mary. “It was then that I decided to seek professional treatment from my doctor, who referred me to physical therapy.”  

Unfortunately, Mary recalls having an unpleasant experience where she originally did PT, feeling there was little care or direction. Frustrated, she returned to her primary care physician to share her experience and was then referred to Dr. Gruber at Integrated Orthopedics whom she said was a “godsend.”  

After some initial x-rays, an MRI and a cortisone injection, Mary and Dr. Gruber decided together that surgery would be the best treatment plan for her situation.

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery & Recovery – Torn Meniscus Repair and Plica Tissue Removal 

In October 2018, Mary had successful arthroscopic meniscus repair and plica removal surgeries to fix her knee pain. Shortly after surgery, Mary began the physical therapy program offered at Integrated Orthopedics where she’s almost done with treatment.  

“The physical therapy program at Dr. Gruber’s office was completely different from the previous place I went,” said Mary. “I’ve never been to a practice that truly cares as much as they do.”  

Mary has since slowly begun to resume to her daily and favorite outdoor activities. In fact, she’ll be traveling to Oahu, Hawaii in a few short weeks to get married!

Mary Recommends Dr. Gruber and Integrated Orthopedics 

Mary is very appreciative of Dr. Gruber and Integrated Orthopedics. Although it’s been a long recovery, she believes that going through the process was certainly worth it. Mary strongly urges others needing orthopedic care to consider Dr. Gruber. “Just read the reviews on his blog,” said Mary.

arthroscopic knee surgery, torn meniscus, meniscus repair surgery, Mary Wong

Mary and Dave off-roading with their Jeep club. 

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