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New Shoulder Puts Retired Police Officer Back on the Harley

shoulder replacement surgery

When Terry Owens retired after 24 years with the Yuma Police Department, he looked forward to riding his Harley, fishing, and swimming to stay in shape.

Then his right shoulder started to hurt. Fishing became painful, and it became more difficult to control the Harley, so it stayed in the garage. When the pain got to the point that Terry couldn’t even lift his arm parallel to the ground, he knew it was time to consult with a surgeon.

“I was just sitting there and hurting,” he recalls.

Diagnosis: Total Shoulder Replacement

Terry consulted with a few Yuma surgeons who agreed that he probably needed shoulder replacement surgery, but none had a lot of experience with the procedure. So he looked for an orthopedic surgeon in the Phoenix area and couldn’t be more grateful that he came across Dr. Gruber.

Dr. Gruber confirmed through examination and testing that Terry’s right shoulder was “completely gone,” in Terry’s words, and recommended total shoulder replacement, or arthroplasty. This complex procedure replaces the shoulder joint with artificial parts. After nearly two years of essentially living without a right arm, Terry had his shoulder replacement surgery in June 2019.

“No More Pain” After Shoulder Replacement and Now Throwing a Football!

“I feel great and I have no more pain,” Terry says a few months later with more than a touch of amazement shared by his wife and friends, many who first saw him after his successful surgery at a Gathering of the Badges of retired law enforcement officers.

“I mean, I’ve even thrown a football!” he exclaims. “I’m also back to swimming, fishing, and riding that Harley.”

Asked if he’s spoken with the Arizona Cardinals, Terry laughs. He emphasizes that he gives full credit to Dr. Gruber’s skill. “I can’t say enough about him. He’s a nice, guy, very professional, and I’d recommend him to anyone who needs orthopedic surgery.”

The Owens are enthusiastic about connecting their friends with Dr. Gruber.

“My wife took about 50 business cards to hand out to friends and family experiencing joint pain,” said Terry. “A friend of ours in Nevada is traveling to Phoenix for a consultation with Dr. Gruber, and that friend’s wife has already scheduled knee replacement surgery with Dr. Gruber for late 2019.”

“You Don’t Have to Live With Pain”

Terry’s only regret is that he waited so long to do something about his shoulder pain.

“I tell everyone I meet who mentions shoulder or knee problems to see Dr. Gruber,” he says. “I tell them, you don’t have to live with pain.”



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