Long-Time Soccer Player and Patient Alex Ramirez’s ACL Revision Surgery and Recovery

ACL rupture, MCL tear, ACL revision, ACL tear, Meniscus tear, ACL surgery


First and foremost, I would like to make it known to everyone that Dr. Gruber is a brilliant surgeon and there is no other orthopedic surgeon that I would trust more. My name is Alex Ramirez and I have recently become a Grand Canyon University alumnus, where I spent 5 years playing division 1 collegiate soccer and studying to become a physical therapist. This was all possible because of Dr. Gruber, who was able to prolong my soccer career by getting me through numerous knee injuries consisting of ACL ruptures and meniscal tears.

My initial interaction with Dr. Gruber happened during sophomore year of high school where I tore my left ACL, MCL, and meniscus. Dr. Gruber was able to reassure me that everything was going to be okay and his orthopedic team was going to do everything in their power to get me back on the field. This first surgery was a success and the physical therapy ran smoothly with no setbacks. This was also my first exposure to a physical therapy setting where I began to grow a passion for corrective exercises and strengthening. Dr. Gruber provided me the opportunity to play the game I love all the way into college.


ACL rupture, MCL tear, ACL revision, ACL tear, Meniscus tear, ACL surgery       ACL rupture, MCL tear, ACL revision, ACL tear, Meniscus tear, ACL surgery


Then, following my freshman season in college, I tore my right ACL. After a failed surgery with another doctor, I decided to go back to Dr. Gruber to find out if there was any way to fix my right knee again and he educated me on the surgical procedures of an ACL Revision. I had complete confidence that Dr. Gruber could perform this surgery and once again get me back on the field. After another successful surgery and a full year of rehabilitation, I was able to play out my last two years of college soccer which ended with GCU’s 1st Men’s Soccer WAC Conference Championship.

Not only did Dr. Gruber successfully surgically repair both of my knees, but he also opened the door for me to pursue a potential career path in physical therapy.