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James Monte’s Successful Meniscus Repair and ACL Repair Surgery and Outcome

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James pictured with his wife, Lauren.

James Monte is a husband to Lauren and father of two: a ten-year-old daughter and two-year-old son. He lives a very active lifestyle and enjoys going to the gym and spending time outdoors. James also enjoys quality time with his family and cooking, a newer hobby. For a few years, he noticed a clicking noise and popping sensation in his left knee that started to affect his hobbies and daily activities. Over time, these problems began to cause pain. After these symptoms persisted over a long period of time, he decided to seek help from Dr. Brian Gruber, MD, MBA, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. James ended up having a meniscal (knee) repair and an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair surgery with Dr. Gruber that resulted in an excellent outcome.    

Torn Meniscus & ACL Injury Diagnosis 

James scheduled an appointment with Dr. Gruber for what he thought was a minor problem. However, after an MRI, Dr. Gruber shared that he’d torn his meniscus. In addition, he also had an ACL injury. James decided to undergo knee surgery to repair the torn meniscus and ACL.  

ACL Repair Surgery vs. ACL Reconstruction  

An ACL repair is less common and differs from an ACL reconstruction. ACL repair involves repairing the ligament in the knee without having to utilize a tendon graft from another part of the body. Unfortunately, ACL repairs are less common due to fact that most knee injuries require reconstruction based on their severity. Therefore, having the opportunity to undergo an ACL repair versus a reconstruction is less common, but fortunate in James’ situation that he was able to have the ACL repair.

Meniscus & ACL Repair Surgery & Recovery 

In November of last year, James underwent an ACL repair at Honor Health Piper Surgery Center. James surgery was an hour and a half. For the first two weeks after surgery, as recommended by Dr. Gruber, James used an at-home cold therapy treatment. This form of treatment is often used to reduce the swelling and inflammation on both inside and outside of the knee as well as reduce the chance of blood clots. Two weeks’ post-surgery, James began physical therapy, which he attended three times a week for roughly six weeks. James has now resumed his normal, daily activities. In fact, he’s recovered much sooner than expected. Dr. Gruber thought James would need crutches and a brace for six to eight weeks, but he was walking without assistance one month post-surgery. “I’ve gotten my life back,” said James. 

Meniscus & ACL Repair Surgery at Integrated Orthopedics 

James is very thankful for Dr. Gruber and the staff at Integrated Orthopedics. He said, “Dr. Gruber is very professional, with a caring personality and in-depth knowledge.” He added, “I would 100 percent recommend Dr. Gruber and his team to everyone!” 

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