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Distal Biceps Repair on Shoulder Results in Success for Our Patient Robert

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Robert Malone, a New Jersey native who has lived in Arizona for 25 years, is no stranger to distal biceps repair surgery. A few years ago, he had this surgery with Dr. Gruber on his right shoulder.

Distal Biceps Tendon Repair: Patient Experience

“All went great with this first surgery, “ shared Robert. “I healed up well and had great function after rehab.”

When his left shoulder “snapped,” Robert suspected that he’d sustained the same injury on his left shoulder as he had on his right one years earlier. He scheduled an appointment with Dr. Gruber, who confirmed through exam and testing that Robert had torn his left distal biceps tendon.

“It was not a complete tear,” said Robert. “But it was very close and required surgery just like my right shoulder to repair it.”

Robert scheduled the surgery for his left shoulder with Dr. Gruber. The surgery went great and his initial recovery also went well. However, Robert was also dealing with a mysterious illness that came on after his surgery and caused complications.

“I was getting cysts near where the operation took place and, in general, was not feeling well at all,” shared Robert. “Dr. Gruber does great work and it was not related to the surgery, but another health issue I was dealing with and probably already had that issue and infection prior to my surgery with Dr. Gruber. It was an unfortunate situation.”

While Robert did have challenges with keeping up with his physical therapy due to the illness, he shared that his left shoulder is now feeling good with good function, overall.

“The [Integrated Orthopedics] physical therapy worked with me as I was dealing with the infection unrelated to the surgery,” said Robert. “I was not able to do the physical therapy this time around the way I did with my first operation with Dr. Gruber.”

“Dr. Gruber has my vote anytime. He knows his business and does a great job,” said Robert.

Fortunately, Robert is feeling better and beginning to slowly recover from his other illness one day at a time.

About Distal Biceps Tendon Repair

The distal biceps tendon is near the elbow. Surgery for a significant or complete tear involves repairing the tear in the tendon that connects the biceps muscle to the elbow bone. Surgery is most always an outpatient procedure. Physical therapy is required post-surgery for the most optimal recovery and outcome.



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