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On the Field: The Role of Team Physician

It’s that time of year again – high school football is already going strong gear. And, Brian Gruber, MD, MBA and Rob Hutchinson, PA of Integrated Orthopedics are out on the field on Friday nights and Saturdays covering the games. In this month’s video, Dr. Gruber talks about their role out on the field: what they…


An Integrated Approach to Physical Therapy Benefits Our Patients

We had a clear vision for how physical therapy and our clinical and surgery teams would work together to benefit our patients when we opened the doors to Integrated Orthopedics in January 2015. We wanted to connect the two areas in a unique and integrative way, where there was regular and ongoing communication and collaboration…


Easy Healthy Snacks for Young Athletes

Now that school and fall sports are in full gear, here are a few ideas from Integrated Orthopedics for healthy after school and pre-/post-practice snacks to keep your kids fueled-up and healthy!  

dry needling

Dry Needling Now Available in Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy clinic now offers dry needling, which is a powerful yet minimally invasive therapy. Learn more about dry needling in this month’s infographic.


Happy Labor Day Weekend!

distal biceps tendon repair

Distal Biceps Tendon Repair

In this month’s video, Dr. Gruber discusses a common injury among men – distal biceps tendon repair. Learn how it is torn and the ways it can be repaired as well as the physical therapy after distal biceps tendon surgery and the prognosis for a successful recovery.

repetitive stress injury, orthopedics, orthopedic doctors phoenix

Repetitive Stress Injury Prevention for Desk Jockeys

Do you work at a desk most of the day? If so, review this infographic from Integrated Orthopedics checklist of tips to make sure your don’t develop a repetitive work-related stress injury.

New research on concussion protocol.

New Study Finds Rest After Concussion May Not be the Best Choice

A new research study revealed that resting after a concussion – the standard protocol – may not be the best option. More research is needed to confirm the study’s findings and their impact on concussion treatment. Learn more in this infographic from Integrated Orthopedics.


Rich Newman: From Severe Shoulder Injuries to Hiking the Grand Canyon’s Rim to Rim Trail

Rich Newman is a 65-year-old athlete and hotel general manager who completed the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hike last May. For those not familiar with this challenging hike, it is a 23-mile hike that begins at the top of the Canyon’s South Rim, descends down into the Canyon floor, crosses the Colorado River and…

Barefoot runners rejoice!

Barefoot Runners Rejoice


Learn about the early warning signs of osteoarthritis knee pain.

Early Warning Signs: Knee Osteoarthritis and Treatment Options

This month’s infographic from Integrated Orthopedics walks you through the early warning signs of knee osteoarthritis and the various treatment options.

knee pain causes, knee pain doctors, phoenix knee doctors, scottsdale knee doctors, dr brian gruber, brian gruber md, osteoarthritis knee doctors

The Most Common Causes of Knee Pain

At some point, most people will experience knee pain. It’s good to know what the most common causes of knee pain are, which we have included in this week’s infographic from Integrated Orthopedics.

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