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AZ Resident on Total Knee Replacement

mako robotic arm assisted total knee replacement
Candace pictured here with her husband Jack. 

Patient Candace Leibert is a 67-year-old retired institutional bond trader. She moved to Arizona from Connecticut twenty years ago. Candace is married to her husband Jack with whom she shares two stepsons and a grandson.

Candace has always had a love of sports. By the age of four, she was waterskiing, snow skiing, and taking ballet classes. In grammar school, she added tennis and sailing to her activities. In high school, she added ice hockey, rowing, and fencing. As an adult living in snow country, she included platform tennis with her winter sports. She played several sports competitively that also came with the obligatory injuries. Arthritis set in in her 30s along with an errant kneecap.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery for Knee Arthritis

Severe lack of mobility and pain determined it was time for a knee replacement. Her first knee replacement was performed in the traditional procedure by an orthopedic surgeon in the Valley. The results were unsatisfactory, and upon hearing about Dr. Brian Gruber, a board certified orthopedic surgeon, she scheduled an appointment to discuss her options with Dr. Gruber’s Mako robotic arm-assisted surgery.

Meeting to Discuss Knee Replacement with the Mako System

After performing an in-depth examination, Dr. Gruber confirmed that Candace would need a total knee replacement on her right knee. He spoke at length with her, educating her on this procedure versus the traditional surgery. Dr. Gruber listened to her concerns regarding the previous traditional knee replacement she had on her left knee. He also queried her on her short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals regarding physical activities and sports. He then recommended that she have a Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery, a more minimally invasive surgical option with excellent documented outcomes. After this in-depth consultation, Candace was very confident in Dr. Gruber’s skills as a surgeon and encouraged by the hope of a more positive outcome of the second knee replacement.

This type of surgery uses robotic technology and offers patients a less invasive surgical treatment option compared to traditional knee replacement surgery. Research shows that patients who undergo a Mako system procedure benefit from a better recovery and experience a more positive post-surgical outcome. Dr. Gruber is one of the few surgeons in Arizona to offer his patients partial and total knee replacement surgeries using the Mako system.

Surgery and Recovery for Knee Replacement with the Mako System

In February of 2019, Dr. Gruber performed a total knee replacement on Candace’s right knee. She found the results to be “profoundly superior.”

“What took weeks and months to achieve with physical therapy on my left knee was achieved in days and weeks on my Mako system knee. I was astounded by the lack of inflammation and pain after the surgery,” said Candace. There was virtually no scar tissue development. Yes, of course where the bone was sawed off was tender and I certainly felt that discomfort, but rehab began immediately with enormous gains achieved immediately.”

Candace’s Experience with Dr. Brian Gruber

Candace is very pleased with the care and results she received from Dr. Gruber and the entire Integrated Orthopedics staff.

“After an unsatisfactory result on the first knee replacement procedure I was determined to find a surgeon who would take personal interest in my case and who was surrounded by staff who would provide excellent care from the initial consultation through to post-surgical office visits,” said Candace. “I have only high accolades for Dr. Gruber’s skills as a surgeon and his desire to help his patients achieve excellent post-surgical results.  I respect him very much for his professionalism and his approach to treating his patients. The care I have received from his entire staff is incredible. I have consequently referred others to Dr. Gruber.”


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