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Active Electrician is Back on the Job After Two Mako Robotic Arm-Assisted Total Knee Replacement Operations with Dr. Gruber

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Perrin Covey is a busy electrician, who works six ten-hour days a week. Although he is a supervisor in his role, his job is still a physical one each and every day. Two bad knees were interfering with both his work and life, causing him constant pain and limited mobility.  “I was lucky if I could even walk 100 yards in a day,” said Perrin. Now after two successful total knee replacement operations using the Mako system with Dr. Gruber, he’s fully mobile and pain-free.

Finally, ready to do something about his bad knees, Perrin turned to Google to find an orthopedic surgeon. “Dr. Gruber was the second doctor that came up,” said Perrin. “He had great reviews. I called, and they happened to have an opening and said, ‘can you be here in an hour?’ so I got over there to see Dr. Gruber.”

Diagnosing Knee Pain

Dr. Gruber did a physical exam along with imaging tests. The result? Perrin’s knees had completely deteriorated, with little to no cartilage left in either knee. He wanted to try non-surgical options first, which he did including hyaluronic acid injections.

“When these did not work, I knew it was time to consider surgery,” shared Perrin. “I needed a total knee replacement in both knees, so I started with one knee and then we did the second knee about two and a half months later.”

Mako Robotic Arm-Assisted Total Knee Replacement

Perrin opted for the cutting-edge Mako Robotic Arm-Assisted technology for his total knee replacement. Dr. Brian Gruber, board certified orthopedic surgeon, is one of a handful of doctors in the Phoenix area who perform this procedure using advanced orthopedic technology.

Patients who undergo total knee replacement surgeries with the Mako system have demonstrated quicker recoveries and better surgical outcomes.

“My first surgery went great and I was walking well after a couple months,” shared Perrin. “I did my rehab with the Integrated Orthopedics’ physical therapy team, and they were just great.”

Perrin said that he felt completely confident in Dr. Gruber’s surgical abilities, noting his knowledge, technical skill and people skills. “He really made me feel at ease and that I was in good care. He really knows what he’s doing,” stated Perrin.

Just less than three months after his first total knee replacement surgery with Dr. Gruber, Perrin was so happy with the outcome that he scheduled the second total knee replacement procedure – again using the Mako robotic arm-assisted technology.

“The second knee replacement with Dr. Gruber went just as well as the first,” said Perrin. “Again, the physical therapy team was excellent – Jess, Danielle, Nicole… the whole team was amazing and always took good care of me and adjusted the therapy to what I needed.”

Perrin is now back on the job and working his long shifts. “I’m walking 7-8 miles a day completely pain-free and am able to work without any trouble,” Perrin shared enthusiastically.

Not much can slow this 59-year-old Mississippi native – who has lived in Arizona for over 20 years – down! He noted, “I would have done this surgery much sooner if I would have known how well it would go.”

Perrin has recommended Dr. Gruber to many people. “They are a great team,” he shared. “They really make you feel well-cared for and looked after.”

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