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A Speedy Recovery and Quick Return to Work After Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

fully recovered patient after rotator cuff repair and labral debridement surgeries for torn rotator cuff and labral tear, Clarissa Borboa

Clarissa Borboa one month after surgery. 

Clarissa Borboa is a determined and hardworking maintenance manager for the Deer Valley Unified School District. She moved to Arizona from Mexico when she was just15-years-old without the ability to speak English. Unfortunately, her ability to perform work duties was threatened after a fall on the job, which resulted in both a torn rotator cuff and labral (cartilage) tear in her shoulder. Clarissa needed arthroscopic or minimally-invasive rotator cuff repair and labral (cartilage) debridement of the right shoulder to make a full recovery. Through her workers’ compensation program, she was referred to Brian Gruber, MD, MBA, board-certified orthopedic surgeon for orthopedic care. 

Torn Rotator Cuff and Labral Tear Accident 

Clarissa’s injury occurred while setting up a stage for a performance at school, where she tripped and fell over an electrical outlet installed in the ground.  

 “It happened fast,” said Clarissa, “I went flying in the air, landed on my right shoulder and immediately felt pain.”  

After reporting the incident, her employer sent her to a clinic. After several months of no relief with physical therapy and feeling frustrated with no clear diagnosis, Clarissa was sent for an MRI. Following the MRI, she was referred to Dr. Gruber, who came highly recommended by her workers’ comp nurse. 

Torn Rotator Cuff and Labral Tear Diagnosis 

Working with Dr. Gruber, Clarissa received cortisone injections, which only provided about a month of relief.   At the recommendation of Dr. Gruber, Clarissa had another MRI done on her shoulder. This time, she got her diagnosis: a torn rotator cuff and a labral or cartilage tear in her shoulder. Dr. Gruber and Clarissa discussed the option of having a rotator cuff repair and labral repair procedure to correct both shoulder injuries. 

Torn Rotator Cuff Repair and Labral Debridement Surgery & Recovery 

In June of last year, Clarissa underwent her procedures after postponing them for a few months due to a busy time at work. She was released from the hospital the same day with no pain.  

“I didn’t need any pain medication,” shared Clarissa. “After attending physical therapy and wearing a sling after surgery for a few months, I’m now 100 percent back to normal.”  

Clarissa’s Experience with Dr. Gruber and Integrated Orthopedics

Clarissa is thrilled with the care provided to her by Dr. Gruber and his staff.  

“I was going through a very difficult time at work when I decided to postpone my surgery,” said Clarissa. “Dr. Gruber was very respectful and understanding of my decision. I liked that he didn’t push me to do anything and that he supported my decision to continue to work before surgery.”  

She admits that her strong work ethic made it difficult for her to take time off for surgery and recovery. “Thank you, Dr. Gruber, for putting up with my constant asking of when I could go back to work,” said Clarissa.  

She valued that the staff at Integrated Orthopedics always greet her by name, gave her hugs and always asked how she was doing. 

“I highly recommend Integrated Orthopedics,” Clarissa concluded.  

Clarissa Borboa, rotator cuff tear, should replacement surgery

Clarissa after a full recovery! 

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