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A Returning Arizonan’s Journey to Recovery After Total Knee Replacement Surgery for Knee Osteoarthritis

woman who had total knee replacement surgery for knee osteoarthritis

Patient Carol in Glendale, AZ  

Originally born in the city of Tucson, Carol Kroll returned to the Arizona Valley seven years ago after retiring. Prior to moving back to Arizona, Carol spent much of her life living in Chicago, Illinois where she enjoyed a long career as a Corporate Credit Manager at a chemical company. Some of her hobbies include attending theatrical plays, reading, meeting with her friends and walking. 

Carol reached out to Dr. Brian Gruber, with whom she had a total knee arthroplasty or total knee replacement surgery to treat pain in her left knee caused by osteoarthritis.  

Carol’s Story Before Her Total Knee Replacement Surgery for Knee Osteoarthritis

Carol began to experience pain in her knee while living in Chicago; however, it wasn’t until she moved to Arizona that she experienced an increase in pain.  

 “The pain became so bad that it became painful to walk,” said Carol. “I had to purchase and wear an Ace bandage, as well as athletic tape.”  

Shortly after moving to Arizona, Carol found herself both a chiropractor and orthopedic doctor. During this time, Carol had an MRI and completed several hyaluronic acid injections or gel injections, as well as cortisone injections for three and a half years. However, these therapies failed to give her the long-term solution she was looking for. So, she decided it was best to find a different orthopedic doctor. At that point, Carol was referred to Dr. Gruber by a friend via an online group 

After my friend’s referral, I read Dr. Gruber’s online reviews and quickly booked an appointment with him,” she shared.  

Carol’s Visit with Dr. Brian Gruber Before Her Total Knee Replacement Surgery for Knee Osteoarthritis 

When Carol met with Dr. Gruber, they discussed her options, from conservative to a total knee replacement surgery to correct the damage osteoarthritis had done to her knee.  

“Like most people, I was initially very apprehensive to have surgery, shared Carol. “I decided to have one more cortisone injection treatment to temporarily subside the pain.”  

When the pain returned a few months later, Carol knew it was time to consider surgery as she shared that she could not handle the pain anymore.  

To help prepare for surgery, Carol attended Integrated Orthopedics’ physical therapy program, where she also did her post-surgery rehab.  

Carol’s Total Knee Replacement Surgery for Knee Osteoarthritis & Recovery with Dr. Brian Gruber 

Carol had a successful total knee replacement in February of 2019 at HonorHealth Scottsdale Thompson Peak Surgery Center. Carol remained in the hospital for three days. Following her return home, she was provided with in-home healthcare for 10 days, where physical therapists and nurses visited her home. She then resumed physical therapy at Integrated Orthopedics and is well on her road to a full recovery.  

She excitedly shared, “I’ve gotten my mobility back and am now able to walk pain-free!” 

Carol’s Total Knee Replacement Surgery Experience with Dr. Gruber and Integrated Orthopedics 

Carol is very happy with her experience with both Dr. Gruber and the staff at Integrated Orthopedics. 

According to Carol, she is “especially thankful that Dr. Gruber respected her decision and didn’t push her to have surgery during her initial visit.” Carol stated, “I valued that he not only provided his advice but also listened to my concerns.” 

Carol is also thankful for the team at Integrated Orthopedics.  

“They are very caring toward their patients,” she said. “They listen, are very helpful and answer all of your questions.”  

Carol recommends Dr. Gruber and his team at Integrated Orthopedics to anyone seeking orthopedic care. She also advises anyone considering a total knee replacement to participate in physical therapy prior to surgery as she feels that doing so helped in her recovery.  


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