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A Retired Valley Woman Finds Relief from Frozen Shoulder After Successful Arthroscopic Capsular Release

arthroscopic capsular release for frozen shoulder treatment, Sonia Barcelo

Sonia pictured with her family.

Sonia Barcelo is an active retiree born and raised in Phoenix. She’s married to her husband, Arthur Sr., and they have two sons. In addition, Sonia has a four-year-old granddaughter that she greatly enjoys spending time with and caring for. Her favorite pastimes include decorating and planning parties for the people closest to her.  

Following a bad fall on her right shoulder, Sonia’s ability to perform her daily activities and hobbies slowly came to a halt. “I knew something was wrong when I wasn’t able to put my granddaughter in her car seat or simply carry groceries,” she shared. That’s when Sonia reached out to Brian Gruber, MD, MBA, board-certified orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Gruber initially recommended conservative treatment, but Sonia eventually required a capsular release surgery to resolve her frozen shoulder.

Frozen Shoulder Injury and Diagnosis

In the Spring of 2018, Sonia slipped and fell while walking, causing her to land on her right shoulder. “I experienced an extreme, dull and aching pain in my shoulder immediately after the fall,” said Sonia. At the recommendation of her nephew, she quickly scheduled an appointment with Dr. Gruber.  

After having initial x-rays, Sonia received two separate courses of cortisone injections with Dr. Gruber. “The injections provided me with relief for approximately nine months,” said Sonia. Unfortunately, as is often the case with injection therapy, the pain does slowly return, as Sonia’s did.  

As the pain returned, Sonia decided to see Dr. Gruber again to discuss options. After additional x-rays of her shoulder, Dr. Gruber discovered that the culprit of Sonia’s pain was a frozen shoulder injury. Although its cause is a mystery, Sonia believes that she developed frozen shoulder from unintentionally “babying” her shoulder after falling. Dr. Gruber suggested an arthroscopic capsular release or frozen shoulder surgery. 

Arthroscopic Capsular Release and Recovery of a Frozen Shoulder

Sonia had her surgery last November at HonorHealth Piper Surgery Center. “The surgery went great and I was home from the hospital the same day,” she shared. “I experienced very little pain following surgery, which was great.”  

After surgery, she completed 12 weeks of physical therapy. “I now feel 100% and have gained all my range of motion back,” said Sonia. In fact, I feel better now than ever!”

Sonia’s Patient Experience with Dr. Gruber and Integrated Orthopedics 

Sonia is very thankful for Dr. Gruber and the team at Integrated Orthopedics and is especially grateful for Dr. Gruber’s perseverance in uncovering the source of her “mystery pain.” She says the Integrated Orthopedics’ staff is “very professional and knowledgeable.” According to Sonia, the quick scheduling provided by Integrated Orthopedics is another reason to select them for orthopedic care, along with the great care and attention you’ll receive. 

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