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Don Pompliano, integrated orthopedics

Don Pompliano is originally from Dumont, New Jersey. Now a consultant in Bylada Foods, where he was formerly a member partner, Don’s diverse career spans real estate development in residential construction to owning a wholesale food distribution company. Don was also CEO/owner of the Lake George Escape Camping Resort, a 178 acre, 2,500-capacity full service camping resort, for 15 years.

Don and his wife now call Arizona home, but continue to spend five months each year at their second home on Lake George in New York. They have three daughters and five grandchildren.

Being active in business and in life, Don came to see Dr. Brian Gruber for pain in his knees and shoulders, which was limiting his ability to participate in the sports he enjoyed including tennis, golfing, biking, skiing, swimming and boating.  His goal was to find a treatment that would enable him to continue to play as many sports as he could for as long as possible.

After examination and tests, Dr. Gruber recommended Don try platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), sometimes also referred to as cell therapy. Don decided to move forward with the recommendation and is glad that he did.

“The PRP treatment was a significant help to my shoulder rotator cuff tears in both shoulders,” said Don. “The pain in my knees was reduced and I was able to play sports for a few more years. PRP improved the quality of my life.”

Don shared that he would recommend Dr. Gruber to his family and friends as he is knowledgeable in the latest orthopedic techniques and he and his team provide great patient serviced and attention to your individual needs.

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy/Cell Therapy?

PRP is relatively new and is known in the healthcare world as “orthobiologics.” PRP merges the body’s natural ability to heal itself with the most innovative technology. Over the last couple decades, we have learned that the body’s platelets, when activated, release healing proteins called “growth factors” that stimulate repair. PRP uses the body’s own platelets to create this healing reaction.

What does Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy/Cell Therapy Treat?

Platelet-rich plasma treatment or cell therapy treatment is an especially valuable arthritis treatment and tendon injury treatment. Many arthritis conditions can also be treated with PRP successfully.

How is Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy/Cell Therapy Performed?

The PRP treatment or cell therapy treatment is a relatively simple procedure to perform. A small amount of a patient’s blood is spun in a centrifuge that separates and concentrates the platelets. The doctor then injects the platelets into the site of the injury, typically using ultrasound guidance. The PRP procedure takes less than an hour to complete.

Watch a platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) procedure on YouTube.

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