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Learn all about posterior tibial tendon disfunction, one of the most common foot and ankle conditions.

posterior tibial tendon disfunction

Does the health of your digestive system affect your athletic performance. Studies show it just might!

sports medicine

Learn more about Sever’s disease and why it’s important not to ignore heel pain in a young athlete.


Here are a few tips for staying safe out there on Arizona’s trails, mountains, rivers, creeks…


We have a lot of athletes among out patients, and we want to be sure you all stay safe while exercising outdoors as the temperatures heat up. Here are some things to be aware of when it comes to heat exhaustion, which can happen to even the most seasoned outdoor exerciser.


Who doesn’t love a good meal straight off of the grill? Here in Arizona, we love our outdoor living, too, and grilling and outdoor get-togethers go hand-in-hand. We’ve rounded-up the best tips for enjoying your barbecuing, while keeping it safe and healthy.


Are you an ultramarathoner? If so, plan for at least a week for your body to make a full recovery from the event.

Recovery from an Ultramarathon